Cargo Claims

Cargo Claim Adjustment

In order to handle cargo claims appropriately, the claim handler is required to have enough knowledge and specialty in many fields, like cargo insurance clauses, international trade, carriage contract, and the nature of cargo itself. It is also important to explain plainly to a claimant who is not accustomed to cargo claims. Our plentiful experts coordinate all parties concerned, like insurer, marine surveyor, consignee, and others, in order to achieve prompt, correct and conscientious adjustment. We have a confidence of our knowledge and experience, and our clients give us a credit with satisfaction.

Cargo Claim Agent in Japan

We are working as a cargo claim settling agent in Japan for oversea insurance companies. Like adjustment business, after receiving a claim notice, we conscientiously control a case with parties concerned until closing a file.

Loss Prevention

By researching past damage data of some specified cargoes, we find out the peculiar features or tendencies of the damages, and we will suggest the method of improvement to reduce future losses and/or damages. We will assist cargo insurers’ loss prevention works with our special knowledge and experience.

Assistance for Cargo Insurers’ GA Settlement

It takes more than a few years for cargo insurers to finalize the GA settlement after issuing a Letter of Guarantee. It is sometimes not easy and not efficient to keep controlling it by the cargo insurer alone. We can do the following services for the cargo insurer.
1) Research and assessment of each files outstanding GA Contribution amounts.
2) Making Inquiries to GA adjusters.
3) Checking a Statement for GA Adjustment, and showing our comments from technical points of view.
4) Making a summary for outstanding GA case.

Assistance for Carriers'Cargo Claim

Carriers are sometimes claimed the cargo losses and/or damages from the cargo owners, their insurers or their agents as it would be happened under the custody of the carriers' responsibility. We assist the carriers'administrative work properly under the management of the corresponded maritime lawyers.