Cargo Claims

Cargo Claim Adjusting

Efficient cargo claim needs broad knowledge and experience on contract of cargo insurance, trading practice and character of each cargo, and contract of affreightment. Apart from such knowledge, capability of handling, such as coordination of marine surveyors, lawyers and other parties concerned, accountability of explaining insurance contact and claim procedures, will be required. We have many capable staffs to do them with long term service to the market as cargo claim practitioner.

General Average (Assistance for Cargo Insurer)

It is often the case with General Average adjustment that it takes several years until you obtain GA adjustment. It is not easy for claim practitioner among insurance industry to maintain good administration on outstanding GA cases. We can assist cargo insurers in that we can refer to GA adjusters periodically and prepare statements of reserve recommendation, can check GA adjustment and prepare recommendation on indemnity, also can prepare case history to set out contents of case briefly.

Cargo Claim Settling Agent

We can act as claim settling agent on behalf of cargo insures abroad with transparent and seamless procedure from first to the end. Leading parties concerned, we adjust claims efficiently including appointment of surveyors, documents collection, and prompt preparation of adjustment on behalf of cargo insurers.

Logistics ConsultingⅠ(For Cargo Owners, Cargo Insurers)

For realizing efficient claim procedure and insurance payment with assureds’ satisfaction, good handling practice and claim flow will be required. We can advise such claim flow to establish good claim practice in insurer’s claims office. Apart from claim handling practice, we can analyze payment data which is followed by our recommendation toward risk improvement and loss control. We have staffs with excellent expertise of risk management activities.

Logistics ConsultingⅡ(For Carriers, Indemnity Insurers)

Carries might have claims from cargo owners and cargo insurers subrogating cargo owner’s right to carriers. We can advise carriers and their indemnity insures how to cope with such claims. Our experienced consultants specialized in cargo indemnity field are dedicated to this. We have also good relationship with competent maritime lawyers and activate them in case of legal matter.